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    Jinzhou Swan co., LTD specializes in brazing materials' research, development, manufacturing and sales in China. The welding materials of Swan include: welding electrode, Welding bench used in submerged-arc welding,and automatic welding wire and so on. Our company has a modern production and testing equipment, perfect quality management and assurance system.
  In 1987, the company introduced the first sintering flux production line and proprietary technology from Swiss ao kang company. This filled the domestic blank, the product quality reached the international advanced level, be honoured as "step across 30 years" by industry experts. In 1989, the introduction of projects won the second prize of the national scientific and technological progress,

Jinzhou Swan Welding Consumables Co.,Ltd.
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TEL:0416-7106109 7106110(Office)
0416-5179161 5179947 7016055 7106056(Sale)
Technical Service:0416--7106098
FAX:0416-5176953(Office) 0416-5179161(Sale)
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Low-alloy and high strength steel elec…
Low-alloy heat-resistance steel electr…
Cr-Ni stainless steel electrode1
Cr-Ni stainless steel electrode1
Surfacing electrode
Cost iron electrode
Cr-Ni stainless steel electrode
Cost iron electrode1
Low temperature steel electrode
JH-SJ101 Agglomerated fluxes
JH-SJ101G Agglomerated fluxes
JH-SJ101q Agglomerated fluxes
JH-SJ102 Agglomerated fluxes
JH-SJ105 Agglomerated fluxes
JH-Sj402 Agglomerated fluxes
JH-SJ301 Agglomerated fluxes
JH-SJ403 Agglomerated fluxes for overl…
JH-SJ501Agglomerated fluxes
JH-SJ501M Agglomerated fluxes
JH-SJ503 Agglomerated fluxes
JH-SJ601 Agglomerated fluxes
JH-SJ181q Agglomerated fluxes
JH-H08A Submerged arc welding wires
JH-H08MnA Submerged arc welding wires
JH-H10Mn2 Submerged arc welding wires
JH-H08E Submerged arc welding wires
JH-WQ1 Submerged arc welding wires
Jh-WQ3 Submerged arc welding wires
JH-WQ4 Submerged arc welding wires
JH-WWGX2 Submerged arc welding wires
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